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We offer a wide portfolio in managerial skills


• CROSSKNOWLEDGE LIBRARY: More than 15,000 training program products in variety of languages that cover more than 100 topics related to Management and Leadership.

• BUSINESS PROGRAMS FOR EXECUTIVES: Includes more than 44 individual mentoring virtual learning programs, certified by ILM in areas such as Communications, Finance, Marketing, Management, Personal Growth, Sales and Management control.

• THE LEADERSHIP GAME: It is the first methodical third generation game, designed to develop behavioral skills. This highly important game is based on innovative training technologies with the tools it uses and in its pedagogical approach.

• MY MANAGEMENT TV: More than 350 online videos with business experts and professionals to accompany your team members in their daily activities. This is a 100% mobile learning solution.


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Business english programs

pearson english one

Pearson is the most important learning company of the world, with more than 40,000 employees in more than 80 countries working to help people of all ages to improve their life quality with measurable outcomes through learning.

Pearson English is a subdivision of Pearson, and it’s the major English learning provider in the world, covering all areas of English learning (Basic English through executive English level). Pearson English uses participation and motivation to transform English learning process so it stops being a frustrating experience to become a pleasant one, breaking language barriers in the world. Its business areas include Wall Street English (classroom learning for students); Pearson English Business Solutions (English learning online solutions, formerly known as GlobalEnglish) and ELT (English publishing for educational schools including brands such as Longman).


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Postgrade and masters

Born in 2007 as the first Spanish business online school, it was founded under “Grupo Planeta”, a worldwide known content publishing group for the Spanish speakers market, and with a huge know-how in e-learning. It counts on 2 major strategic partners:

  • The Universitat de Barcelona, the main public university in Catalunya and in Spain with more than 560 years of experience.
  • EAE Business School, the second most important school based on its reputation in Spain according to MERCO (Spanish Corporate Reputation Ranking) in 2014.

Its main aim is to train executives and managers that lead companies and institutions under a new paradigm of sustainable and innovative management. We achieve this goal through our MBA, Masters and Postgraduate programs by giving companies and its professionals an integral training in all functional areas of an organization. Its major contribution has been the development of a flexible methodology which allows students to balance family, work and academic time, covering the need of continuous quality training without borders, allowing them to have a consistent professional development demanded by present markets and personal life.


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Ethics and compliance training

It does not only have training routes to create conscience, but complements the information that leads to action in the proactive development of programs that minimize risks, increase efficiency and fosters a significant change in behavior.

More than 2,800 organizations in the world have trusted NAVEX Global to lead more than 20 million training programs aimed at Directors, Executives and employees.

Among its advantages we have:

  • Specialized training with a great diversity of content, available in different languages and quality formats with worldwide recognition.
  • Customization of the program based on the needs and characteristics of the target audience.
  • Learning routes designed to achieve appropriation and behavioral change, enriched with resources such as stories and case studies, simulations and interactive exercises.
  • Training available at any place through PC and mobile devices (IOS and Android).
  • Content library of eye-catching short videos.


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Strategic Partners

We allied with the best to give you customized solutions.

Integrated learning solutions to transform your company in their magament skills.
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Pearson English
The only solution to learn English that will give you the missing piece to achieve success in a global business.
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Navex Global
Online training program for education and behaviour change in your organization in the areas of Ethics and compliance.
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Learning programs for managers and business manageres under a new paradigm of sustainable and innovative management.
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